Helpful Hints & Tips

Helpful hints & tips for you and your camper to know before arriving to camp. Parent Handbook 2024

Packing For Camp

The Camp Esquagama Staff looks forward to your visit to the shores of beautiful Lake Esquagama. The following tips will help give campers and parents an idea of what to bring and what to leave home:

  1. Clothes for cool, warm, AND hot days and nights!
  2. Towels (for bathing AND the beach) and washcloths.
  3. Running shoes and socks. Open Toed Shoes (sandals/flip-flops) are only allowed at the waterfront, in the shower, and in the cabins!  Crocs are not considered running shoes even in sports mode!
  4. Bedding and/or a sleeping bag and pillow. Either way, we recommend a bottom single or twin sheet for the mattress.
  5. Light jacket and/or sweatshirt(s). We also recommend a raincoat just in case!
  6. Swimsuit!!!
  7. Dance attire! This can vary from a simple t-shirt to a full on Halloween outfit.
  8. Bug spray – Essential!
  9. Sunscreen – Essential!
  10. Water bottle – Essential!
  11. Toothbrush and toothpaste (along with any other necessary toiletries).
  12. Shampoo and soap (along with any other necessary shower items).
  13. Medication (if applicable). Please bring medications in original containers!
  14. Pre-stamped letters for writing home!
  15. Flashlight

Additional Suggested Items:  Book, disposable or point and shoot camera (not a phone), hat, shower sandals, sunglasses, and water goggles.

DO NOT BRING: Candy, gum, pop, or any other beverage or food. Any type of electronic item, including but not limited to radios, MP3 players, iPods, Tablets, Electronic Games, & Cell Phones! We WILL hold these items in the office during the week for safety during the week.  Remember you are outside and active every day so personal belongings that could be damaged due to daily activities may be best left at home.

Camp Esquagama is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.


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