2018 Dance Themes


The Dance Themes for 2018 are finally here!  Campers and staff look forward to the final night of camp all week long.  Why is that you may be asking, well let me tell you why.  It’s the CAMP DANCE!!!  Music, Games, Snacks, Dancing, & Costumes!  Every week has it’s own special theme with decorations and costumes.  Make sure your camper brings their Disney outfit or dress up for the classic Black Tie event.  Below we’ll share each week’s theme along with a few ideas to get you started.

Week 1 … June 24 – June 29:


Dear Camper, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Camp Esquagama’s Camp Week of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term begins on June 24 (June 25 day camp). We await your owl by no later than June 17. Bring your robes and learn which Cabin House you will be representing.

P.S. please don’t send any messenger owls!

Week 2 … July 1 – July 6:


Red, White, and Blue is the name of the game this week as our dance jams out like fireworks in the night sky!  Join us as we continue celebrating the 4th of July week.  Put together your star spangled banner gear as we dance the night away like flags waving in the wind or fireworks lighting up the night sky!

Week 3 … July 8 – July 13:


You know what they say… kids are like monkeys.  Well you don’t need to be a monkey to join us in the jungle at camp this week!  Put on your cat ears, your onesie panda pajamas, or any other cool animal outfit you may have as our zoo keepers let us out of our pens to do the worm till the birds come out.

Week 4 … July 15 – July 20:


Is it a bird?  Is it a plane? No, it’s Camp Esquagama!  After a week of conquering challenges and gaining new powers through varying activities, celebrate like the super hero you are.  Come as your favorite here like Batman or Captain America, or put together your own individual costume and reveal your true powers!

Week 5 … July 22 – July 27:


Dive down deep with us under the sea as the Lodge turns into an underwater paradise! Fish will swim through the rafters and colorful coral growing along the walls.  Dress up as a favorite underwater character like Spongebob, maybe a mermaid like Ariel, or a fish like Nemo.  Wear your swim trunks and throw on your goggles and snorkel as you scuba dive through the dance floor to the lost city of Atlantis.

Week 6 … July 29 – August 3:


Let the magic begin!  Join us at our very own magical kingdom!  There are so many options I’m sure no examples are needed.  Dress up as your favorite classic character like Mickey or Goofey, walk into the ballroom as your favorite princess, or save the day as a Disney hero.  Maybe you wish to scare up some fun as a Monster or Ogre.  Use your imagination as we share the magic that is camp!

Week 7 … August 5 – August 10:


A camp favorite and last week of camp tradition.  Our cordial Black Tie week.  Grab your dress, grab your blazer, button that shirt as we do our best to elegantly celebrate the last night of camp for the summer!  WAIT… that can’t be it, can it!?!  You caught us, it’s also a celebration for our secret agents!  Maybe your last name is Bond or you are a spy kid with some cool gadgets.  Wear your x-ray glasses and walkie talkie watches as we mingle with our fellow agents.

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