LDC Program Applications Now Being Accepted!

Leadership Development Camp (Ages 16-17)

Sessions: 3 & 4

The Leadership Development Camp (LDC) is a two-week program designed specially for our oldest campers.  This program is the ideal choice for those interested in gaining a basic understanding of working at summer camp, positive youth development, service work, and developing their leadership skills.  LDC’s assist counselors in all areas of camp life including leading activities, songs, creating a positive atmosphere, and interacting with campers of all ages.  The program develops and enhances your leadership skills, communication, decision making, teamwork, and many other opportunities for personal growth.  Continue your camp experience with the same supportive group of friends you grew up going to camp with!


LDC Campers sleep at our Adventure Camp Site during their 2-weeks at camp.  Sleeping conditions include camping cots and large canvas tents that sleep up to 8.  LDC campers go on a single night canoe adventure the Friday night between weekly sessions.  Campers are expected to be prepared for possible cooler nights similar to our Adventure Camp program.  Campers are expected to pack for 2 weeks of clothing.  A washer and dryer are available if needed.


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2 comments on “LDC Program Applications Now Being Accepted!

  1. Michelle Smith says:

    I have some questions about your new programs this year. For boys 15-16 years old, the Adventure Program sounds like a full camping experience.
    Where do the campers go for the week? Are there other opportunities for kids who don’t want to camp?


    • Camp Esquagama says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! The Adventure Program is actually for 14 and 15 year-olds, while our LIT (Leader-in-Training) Program is for 16 and 17 year-olds. And yes, the Adventure Program is more of a full camping experience (three days, two nights @ an off-site campsite), while the LIT Program is for older adolescents looking to gain experience in the camping/youth development field (takes place primarily at camp).

      While we don’t allow younger campers to sign up for an “older” camper program, we do allow campers one year over the age limit to sign up for a “younger” camper program. So while a 15 year-old is not allowed to sign up for the Explorers Program (for 12 and 13 year-olds), a 14 year-old is. The Explorers Program only includes one night of camping versus two, so more time is spent participating in traditional camp activities.

      I hope this answers your questions? If not, or if you’d like to discuss your particular situation in detail, please feel free to call or email at any point in time!

      Camp Director
      Camp Esquagama
      (218) 296-6589

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