Summer 2021 Covid-19 Update:


At this time as our program for this summer continues to adapt and change with up to date and current regulations involving Covid-19, we have CANCELLED our Leadership Development Camp Program for 2021.


For our older campers who were looking forward to the program, we are sorry.  We do not want you to miss out on your final summer of being a camper, so we have opened up our Villagers Program for 16 & 17 year old campers this summer.  We look forward to sharing these new camp memories with you this year.

Leadership Development Camp (Ages 16-17)



The Leadership Development Camp is a two-week program geared towards the oldest adolescent campers.  Those interested in gaining a basic understanding of summer camp operations and youth development. LDC’s assist counselors in all areas of camp life. This program enhances adolescents’ leadership skills, while providing them with a high level of responsibility and multiple opportunities for personal growth. Additional skills include communication, conflict-resolution, decision-making, self-awareness, and teamwork. The LDC Program is the perfect opportunity for older adolescents to grow within a supportive, summer camp environment. It is designed to give them the competence and confidence to become leaders in any type of environment.  Campers will stay in our Adventure Program Platform Tent site and will go on a single overnight canoe trip the weekend they are at camp.


  • Campers must turn 16 years of age by the start of the selected session, but not turn 18 by the end of it.
  • Prior participation in our Adventure Program is recommended, but not required.
  • Participation in the LDC Program is limited:
    • Campers are asked to first fill out an application that is on the registration Health Profile.
    • Applicants must possess a genuine interest in the camping and/or youth development field and commit the energy and enthusiasm necessary for this hands-on training program.

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