Camp Esquagama History

Camp Esquagama proudly celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2010. What began as a 4-H Camp has broadened into a summer camp experience for all youth throughout the state of Minnesota and surrounding regions. As stories of Camp Esquagama have been passed down through generations of camp alumni, campers from around the country continue to reminiscence about their unforgettable summer at Camp Esquagama and continue to keep our history alive.

Honoring our history:

Won in competition with nearly 300 counties in 29 states, the St. Louis County 4-H camp lodge, stands as a lasting memorial to the more than 3,400 4-H Club boys and girls, their leaders and their sponsoring organization, who in 1934 claimed the $10,000 National 4-H County Progress Prize offered by Sears, Roebuck, and Company, which made possible our main lodge now worth over $2 million.

The list of private and public organizations that helped make the building and site in its present state possible must include: the Oliver Mining Company, which donated logs; the George E. Siegel Corporation, which added to the site; the C.C.C. officials whose man power cut logs; the State Emergency Relief Administration and Works Progress Administration for liberal allowances for labor. Credit, too, must be given to the nearby communities of Biwabik, Gilbert, Virginia, and Aurora, who have, in many ways and at many times, helped in one way or another to clear the path toward final goals in the planning, building, and improving of the office and site.


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