Camp Esquagama Newsletter
Spring 2017

Summer 2017 Is Almost Here!

In only two months time Camp Esquagama will once again be filled with the sounds of camp songs and laughter.  Smiling faces as we see friends new and old while we swim in the lake, reach new heights on the climbing wall, or go for a hike on the nature trail.  As we embark on another magical summer, we encourage you to register early as weeks are filling up fast!

Click on the links below to learn about the exciting activities we have this year at Camp Esquagama!

"Give Kids Time To Be Kids"

Camp Esquagama

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Thank you for being part of the Camp Esquagama Community.  Whether you are a neighbor, past camper, parent of a camper, past staff member, or volunteer, we greatly appreciate all of your support.  If however would would like to be removed from this emailing list, please notify us with an email message of your request.  Have a wonderful day!