Leadership Development … (Ages 16 – 17)

Counselor Internship (C.I.)

Our Counselor Internship position is the first step in becoming a strong leader!  Participants will have the opportunity to participate in activities during their session as well as receive leadership training.  They will also have several opportunities to shadow and practice their leadership skills through direct mentorship and guidance from Camp Esquagama staff.  All participants who will be the age of 16-17 and have an interest in working with young people and developing their leadership abilities are eligible for the Counselor Internship leadership program at Camp Esquagama.


Have fun in your activities and continue your leadership growth

  • Learn and enhance your knowledge in the areas of relationship building, skill development, activity leading, effective communication, youth development levels, ethical principals and risk management.
  • Apply and advance your skills while working with our staff to become more effective and successful in leading activities, energizing campers and helping to create a fun and safe camp community.
  • Discover the importance of planning, evaluation, placing boundaries and self-care to be an effective leader
  • Help lead camper activities with staff mentoring and support.
  • Practice your leadership skills in activities in which you are interested and skilled in, as well as, participate in a variety of other activities.  There will be ample time to reflect on your efforts to recognize your accomplishments and strategize your continued development.
  • Additional Benefits include room & board for the week at camp and a paid stipend for the week of camp.



  • Must have turned 16 years of age before the start date of your selected weeks of participation.  You can attend the training while 15 years of age.  We ask that if you turn 16 during the summer you make the decision if you are going to attend camp as a camper at 15 or as a CI when you turn 16, but not both.
  • Must not have turned 18 years of age or be 18 years of age during any part of your selected weeks of participation.
  • Completion of application and zoom call with the Camp Director
  • We ask if capable to attend a training day in person from Tuesday June 20th (noon) – Wednesday June 21st (1pm).
  • Enjoy being in the company of children and working with youth
  • Ability to perform a variety of tasks outside in various climates
  • Patience, Alertness, Stamina, Empathy, Responsibility are only a few character traits that make a great participant


Limited Availability

  • The Counselor Internship Leadership Program is available during sessions 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 during the summer.
  • There is an opportunity for 3-7 participants during each session.  Participants may register for multiple weeks (max 3 sessions per summer).
  • If not enough participants register for a week, the Leadership Program map be cancelled for that session and any registered participants will asked to register for a different week.
  • Participants are asked to first fill out an application and have a short zoom call with the Camp/Program Director before acceptance into the program.


Additional Program Information


C.I.s will receive mentorship and leadership opportunities by Camp Esquagama Staff.

  • Participants will be placed in an overnight camper cabin for the week. They will assist their direct camp counselors in behavior management, relationship building and developing a positive cabin culture.
  • Participants will additionally be placed in an activity area for the week. They will assist their direct camp counselors in skill development, learning experiences and risk management.
  • Participants will assist Lead Staff in organizing, participating and energizing campers in camp-wide activities.


Daily development hang-outs with the Camp Director and/or Lead Staff members to provide guidance, coaching, and skill building.

  • Skill development sessions and activities designed to develop leadership and teamwork
  • Positive and supportive coaching through development of an awareness of process of peer to peer and self reflection
  • Communicate areas of success and concern while providing participants areas of focus to achieve greater success in their performance


Training day at camp during all staff training is required.

  • A two day one night at Camp Esquagama during staff training. Possibility for virtual learning if participants are not physically able to attend
  • Meet fellow C.I.’s during the summer as well as the Camp Esquagama staff
  • Learn about Camp Esquagama history and culture
  • Build your personal tool chest with tips and tricks on behavior management, games, songs, etc.
  • Expectations for C.I.’s as well what participants can expect from the program
  • Activity training and risk management policies

How to apply?

  1. Click on the link here to complete the Counselor Internship Application
    • application deadline to participate in program with lifeguard training is May 31st
    • application deadline to participate in program without lifeguard training is May 23rd
  2. Wait for the Camp Director to email you to schedule a zoom call
  3. After acceptance into the program, you will receive additional information on how to register!

Please be patient while we process your registration.