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During the non-camp session weeks, Camp Esquagama hosts many rental groups and retreats throughout the year.   Our facilities are perfect for your retreat groups, youth group, scout camping trip, ski trip, team volunteer day, etc.

If your group is looking for lodging during your visit to Giant’s Ridge, please check out our Group Lodging Page.

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8Facility Description:

Built of virgin Norway Red Pine logs, moored firmly on a full concrete basement, the main lodge measures 120 feet at its greatest length and 80 feet at its greatest width. A double fireplace built of native granite blocks brought from various parts of the county adds an atmosphere of rugged comfort to the roomy lobby. The spacious dining hall suggests an ideal place for gatherings and banquets. Eight beautiful log cabins and three platform tents are well equipped to accommodate up to 70 overnight guests. The kitchen is stocked with enough dishes, glassware, and silver to set tables for up to 80 guests for a single day workshop. A well-lighted lobby and basement add room for study, recreation, and handicrafts. The recreational ground of 45 acres surrounding the building has a well-laid out swimming and boating area, athletic field, basketball court, volleyball court, gaga pit, indoor climbing wall, a barnyard, archery range, a sauna, a heated bathhouse and shower facility, greenery with rustic picnic tables, and a native forest and bog on our nature trail.



Log Bunkhouse Cabins:IMAG0274

Our log cabins beautifully match the same Norway Red Pine of our lodge.  We have5 newly built bunkhouse cabins along with 3 original bunkhouse cabins that are perfect for your group.  They share a common shower house with restrooms and showers.


Modern Bunkhouse Cabin:  We have five modern bunkhouse cabins constructed with an open door wall divider separating the space into 2 rooms.  One side holds 6 bunk beds and the other holds 2 single beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks & chairs.  Each cabin is wheelchair accessible, insulated, and has space heaters, and multiple power outlets.

Log Bunkhouse Cabins

Log Bunkhouse Cabins

Original Large Bunkhouse Cabin:  Our large original log bunkhouse cabin has been reconstructed with an open door wall divider separating the space into 2 rooms.  One side holds 5 bunk beds and the other holds 2 single beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks & chairs.  It is wheelchair accessible and is provided with power strips and a space heater.

Original Small Bunkhouse Cabin: We have two original small bunkhouse cabins.  Our smaller original log bunkhouse cabins each have 3 bunk beds, dressers for each bed, 2 desks & chairs.  Each are provided with power strips and space heaters.  Perfect for group leaders and keynote speakers for a little more privacy.



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