How Do I Register For Camp With A Coupon Code?

Camp Esquagama has recently moved to a new online registration platform called UltraCamp in 2022.  We thank you for your patience for the delay as we worked on transferring a lot of information from our previous platform to try and save our camp families some time during the initial set up.  Registration officially opens Friday, February 18, 2022!!!

We made the change to try and provide our camper families a smoother registration process.  Families who register multiple youth or register for multiple sessions will notice the features the most.  The main features we were searching for

  • Shared primary, secondary, and emergency contacts.  Your parent/guardian information will be shared across all your campers so you no longer need to input it for each child.
  • User experience. The interface is easier to us and translates smoother between desktop and mobile devices.  It is easier to access unfinished forms as well as choosing payment options.
  • Multiple camper checkout.  When you register a camper, you can register them for multiple sessions at a time.  Before checking out, you can then register other campers and then check them all out at once rather than one at a time.
  • Family friend links.  You may send a fellow family member or family friend a link where they can write and submit an email letter to your camper during their week of camp.  We have been doing this already through a direct email to our Camp Director email, but now it is easier to perform through this link.


Below is a helpful step by step guide to register your camper(s) for summer 2022!


Logging in for the first time and retrieving prior registration information:

  1. Follow any of our Camp Esquagama Registration links to go to our new UltraCamp sign-in page.
  2. If you are NEW, go ahead and create an account and skip down to REGISTERING YOUR CAMPER!
  3. If you hvae registered a camper in the past, select Forgot your login information? 
  4. Select I need to reset my password and E-mail
  5. Enter the same email you used with our old online platform CampDocs as your prior information is conteccted to that email/usename.
  6. Your email should receive and invitation to reset your password.
  7. Once you have reset your password and logged in you can begin!


Registering your camper:

  1. All members of your family should be listed under Account Members.  From there you may add additional family members.
  2. Select the first camper you would like to register by clicking either the make reservation icon that looks like a calendar with a plus sign.
  3. From there select the camper you would like to register for camp.
  4. There you should only see sessions that are available for your campers age.  Select all the sessions you would like to register them for.
  5. Next you will be asked to update any of your primary contact information.
  6. The next page will ask you to update any information relating to the camper.
  7. Next page will only be visible for campers registering for an Adventure session.  This form is a trip and travel permission form as these campers travel off-site for a short day canoe trip on a couple rivers around camp.
  8. The following page will ask if you would like to apply for a camper scholarship.  Select NO as you have a SPECIAL COUPON CODE.
  9. The next page will be the discount page for our Refer-A-Friend discount.  No need to input any names as again, have a SPECIAL COUPON CODE.
  10. After the discounts have been applied, the next page will ask if you would like to go to your cart and check-out or make another registration.  This is where you should see an option to apply a GIFT CERTIFICATE OR PROMOTIONAL CODE.  Select the the option and input your specific code.  If it does not appear on this page, then it should appear on the cart checkout page.  After applying the code, you can go back and register any additional campers following the same process.
  11. Once all your campers are registered, you may go to your cart and check-out.  Here you can can see all registrations and discounts applied.  You can choose to pay all at once, choose the monthly payment plan option, or choose a different amount.  You may choose to pay $0 at time of check-out and is recommended if you are applying for a scholarship or would like to pay by check or cash.  If you are paying online, you can choose to pay through ACH or with a credit card.
  12. Once you have officially checked-out, you campers are registered for camp and their spot is locked in!


After registering you have  a few additional forms to complete at your leisure prior to arriving at camp:

  1. Alternate Contacts – these are your emergency contacts and it is recommended to have a minimum one additional person if not two
  2. Pickup Authorization – you can add additional authorized people to pick-up your camper.  We recommend having multiple people who can pickup your child either from day camp or at the end of the week be it another family member or a friend who may be picking up multiple campers from multiple families.  We can only release a camper from camp if the individual is listed.
  3. Incomplete Tasks / Forms – these are the additional forms to complete after registration.  They may include cabin buddy request, liability and permission waivers, as well as health forms and camper medicine.
  4. Friend Accounts – you can add family friends who can be connected to the campers.  These friends can then write an email letter to the camper while they are at camp!


We will update this guide if we come across any issues during the first few days of registration.  At the same time, if you have any difficulty, please call our camp office at (218)-865-6589 or email us at

Now it’s about time Camp Esquagama Registration!!!

Please be patient while we process your registration.