What is Goodsearch?

Camp Esquagama Goodsearch


What is Goodsearch?

  • Goodsearch is an online search engine like Google
  • Each search generates a penny donation
  • You can choose to have your search donations go to a specific organization
  • Camp Esquagama is on it and you can help donate to Camp Esquagama in your regular day-to-day online searches!

CLICK HERE: Good Search Site


Imagine if everyone on of our Facebook friends searched for one thing a day for a full year…

1 search a day               X

365 days a year             X

800 facebook friends     =

$2,920 donated

to helping lower the cost of

summer camp for many campers!

Join us in helping to provide a week of Summer Camp to children who really need a chance to spend a week being a kid at camp! Thank you!

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