January 2019 Newsletter


Camp Esquagama Newsletter

January 2019

Summer 2019 & More!

In only a few months Camp Esquagama will once again be filled with the sounds of crackling fires and silly team chants.  Smiling faces as we see friends new and old canoeing down the river, taking aim at archery, or visiting Tom & Jerry in the barn yard.  As we embark on another amazing summer, we encourage you to register soon before the Early Bird Special Ends on February 1st!

Find us at at the Iron Range Home, Sport, & Travel Show at Miners Memorial Building (Virginia, MN) on March 21-24!

Want to relive some of our favorite 2018 moments?  Checkout this AWESOME VIDEO that our Program Director Will put together!

Click on the links below to learn about the exciting activities we have this year at Camp Esquagama!  Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with information about this upcoming season and see all the smiling faces this summer!

“Giving Kids Time To Be Kids”


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